Whitmer Declares Governor’s FAFSA Challenge For High Schools

Governor Gretchen Whitmer thinks there is too much financial aid money being wasted by Michigan high schoolers and she wants them to know your options.

Monday she launched the Governor’s FAFSA Challenge, pushing high schools to improve the financial aid and scholarship application rate of their seniors. This allows students more information of their secondary education options.

“Most families talk themselves out of this process before they even get started,” says Kevin Williams, Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Central Michigan University.

Some students don’t even try. They may believe college is too expensive, it’s not for them or they are not good enough to make it.

“If you’re a first generation student, like I was growing up, then this issue might be a little sticky for you as you are talking finances with your family members,” says Williams.

The governor knows students and families need a little help in the process so she is leaning on high schools to improve their application numbers by 20% in the next two years.

“There are students that are being aided in this process by having someone on staff after school to talk through this process with,” says Williams.

For Governor Whitmer, it doesn’t really matter whether you use the financial aid or even go to college at all, it’s just knowing your options that are out there, so you can make a smart decision.

“We want to make sure you have an understanding of this form,” says Williams, “No matter where you’re going to school, we want to slow the process down and answer all that family’s questions.”

Williams knows every student they help won’t choose to be a Chippewa but he is satisfied they at least will have the knowledge to make the right choice for them.

“The joy on the other side, when they tell us all, based on the information that you shared I am now heading to school,” says Williams, “By the way, this is the school that I have decided to attend.”