Larry Inman Trial: Timeline of Events

Tuesday, a state lawmaker from northern Michigan will go to trial, seven months after he was charged with trying to sell his vote.

State representative Larry Inman’s case started back in May of this year.

Inman was charged with attempted extortion, bribery and lying to the FBI on May 15th.

Federal prosecutors say text messages show Inman was asking for campaign contributions from a labor union in exchange for a no vote on repealing Michigan’s prevailing wage law.

Inman called the indictment ‘crap’ the next day on a Lansing based radio show.

Weeks later, Inman was removed from the House GOP caucus as calls grew for his resignation.

Inman said he had no plans to resign, and has stayed in office.

In June we would learn Inman was seeking treatment for opioid use.

He also claimed the opioid use diminished his cognitive ability; something that could play into his defense this week.

Also in June, Inman’s attorney filed a motion to have the case against the lawmaker dismissed; a motion the judge would deny.

The Michigan House passed a resolution in august urging Inman to resign, but the lawmaker didn’t budge and returned to the house floor in fall.

Weeks later, a Traverse City based group launched a petition drive in Grand Traverse County to try and recall Inman.

That effort that now also finds itself in the court system.

Amid all the back and forth Tuesday marks the start of the trial that will determine whether or not Representative Inman is guilty or innocent, more than 6 months after the accusations first came to light.

The petition to recall Inman is currently in the court system.

The Inman Recall Committee is seeking emergency relief after the Bureau of Elections stopped the recall effort over a missing word in the petition.

The group collected more than 13, 0000 signatures on the petition.

But the state said the petition language must match the approved reasons for a recall.

They say regardless of the outcome of the Inman trial, they plan to push on with the recall effort.

“The reason for the recall is not because of his indictment. That’s not the reason. The reason is because he did not represent is for almost 100 votes and then, right now, he can go down there and sit in the chair in legislature but he doesn’t have an office and he doesn’t have staff,” said Sondra Hardey, a member of the recall committee.

The attorney general must respond to the groups appeal by December 16th.