Healthy Living: Hidden Fees

According to AAA, more than 100 million people traveled for the holidays last year and that number is expected to grow this year.

In Healthy Living with Whitney Amann, she details some hidden fees you should be on the lookout for.

She said that using frequent fliers miles may seem like a good idea to reduce the cost of the plane ticket, but you should be cautious of late-booking fees.

Also, if you are getting a rental car, be sure to go only through cash-tolls or else the bill will pile up.
Plus, if you think you found a great hotel deal, be aware that third-party websites will give you an advertised price up front, but later add hotel resort fees for amenities.

Cruises always seem tempting with their all-inclusive deals, but make sure to find out what’s all inclusive, like food, drinks and entertainment.

To learn even more, watch the video above.

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