North Boardman Lake Businesses Highlight 8th Street on Small Business Saturday

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was small business Saturday across the country. It’s a day to encourage people to shop local as they cross items off their Christmas list.

Traverse City businesses in the North Boardman Lake District used the day to draw people to the new 8th Street.

They say it’s a chance for people to discover just how many local businesses are in the area.

“People are either getting back to 8th Street or discovering 8th Street for the first time and some of the businesses that they didn’t really know that we’re there now that it’s such a much better road to travel. It’s really important that we are seeing this revitalized 8th Street. But all these small businesses got through a very tough summer,” said Stephen Nance, General Manager at Oryana Community Co-Op.

The summer saw a complete reconstruction of the well-traveled Traverse City road, making it a challenging few months for some businesses.

Stores like Brick Wheels say the new road is helping them and they hope a solid Small Business Saturday can help people discover the changes that have been made.

“There’s some neat shops and locations along 8th Street. Just knowing that it’s a cool little community part, it has a draw to it as far as the Boardman Lake, the TART trail, the restaurants, the bike shops, the small businesses, and it’s just kind of a neat little draw,” said Brick Wheels Manager Matthew Mulligan

And these stores say the impact of a strong Small Business Saturday can be felt throughout the year.

“The small businesses by a large contributes so much to the community, not only in their payroll and in the owners who live in the community, but they are often the ones who step up to the plate and give back to the community,” said Nance.