Barryton 12-Year-Old Raises Money for 3rd Annual Pizza for Poverty

Jacinto Reyes has helped feed homeless people in Grand Rapids for the last two years.

This year, he’s changing things up.

“I just thought, well we have money, we can set up some donations to help us and we can hand them out pizza,” Jacinto says.

It all started with an idea of serving his favorite food, pizza, to the homeless in Grand Rapids. Since then, Pizza for Poverty has grown and this year the 12 year old has decided to change things up by raising money to feed the people in his community.

“I just wanted to help the people around our area because there are some people who we could help,” Jacinto says.

The giving has also rubbed off on his sister.

9-year-old Laila Reyes has found her own cause to raise money for— Christmas gifts for local kids.

“I see a lot of kids like they are sad, like their parents can’t afford that much presents for them,” Laila says. “So I wanted to do it to help more in need.”

The two hope to raise more than $800.

“We are going to set out cans and we’re going to put out envelopes and see if we can raise enough money to do it,” Laila says.

Hoping to inspire others in the season of giving, Jacinto says, “Just to start off a new year with hope that they can get something new, maybe get a job and get a family and a house.”

If the Reyes kids raise more than their goal of $800, the extra money will be donated to Angels of Action.

You can donate directly here on their GoFundMe Page.

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