Unique Preschool Playground Encourages Kids to get Creative, use Imagination

Rain or shine, students at the Great Start Readiness Program through Manistee Public Schools are outside, using nature to play.

“The materials that are here, the possibilities are endless,” says lead instructor Amy Brown.

Friendship, sharing, and exploring your imagination…it’s what preschool is all about. That’s why Brown wanted to continue the learning outside, even in the cold winter months, which she says is the best time to go outdoors. Brown says by playing in the snow, it challenges the kids to be creative and further their imagination.

Every day she helps the kids zip up their coats, pull on their gloves and let’s their imaginations run free.

“When I build it, I feel like I’m making an Elsa Castle,” says Halliegh Gajeski playing on the blocks.

Instead of a traditional playground, Brown calls this unique area a loose parts play yard; filled with natural elements the students can pull, dig, and build whatever they want.

Burning off extra energy, while exercising these student’s brains.

“The opportunities for creativity are endless here, every day they can come out and do something completely different than the day before,” says Brown.

Brown encourages her students to get at least 30 minutes of outside learning every day. She also notes it’s important to send your kids to school with proper winter attire.

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