Police Prepare For Busy Bar Night On Thanksgiving Eve

The weather may be enough to force some people inside but for others this is the biggest bar night of the year. With that comes the dangers of alcohol abuse and finding your way home.

“Obviously it is a big night,” says Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole.

Thursday, all there is to do is watch football, eat and enjoy family so for many, Wednesday night is a time to party.

“We certainly want them to have fun and enjoy their time back home but also they need to be responsible,” says Cole, “Sadly a few probably won’t be responsible.”

With crowds and alcohol, there tends to be problems.

“We pick up a few drunk drivers, some disorderlies and fights in bars and stuff like that,” says Cole.

Obviously, the biggest issue will be the roads. More people travel this weekend than any other.

“Last year, during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, there were 10 fatal crashes that claimed 11 lives in our state,” says Cole, “Four of those were alcohol related and three individuals weren’t wearing seat belts.”

If the drunk driving isn’t enough of a danger, Mother Nature is not going to make it easy. There are high winds and possible rain and snow as we continue throughout the holiday weekend.

“That will be problematic as well,” says Cole, “So we want to make sure that people are safe as possible.”

The holiday is a time to spend with your family, not be separated because of mistakes made the night before.

“Obviously that sours the Thanksgiving time,” says Cole, “We don’t want people to experience that. We don’t want families to suffer with loved ones in jail, or worse yet, the hospital.”