Northern Michigan in Focus: Claws and Paws Rescue Calendar

This is the time of year for giving, and there’s an animal rescue in West Branch that could use your help.

“They just need somebody and I would like to be that somebody. They don’t have voices, so I like to be their voice,” said foster parent Nicole Daniels.

This is a story about humans helping animals at Claws and Paws in West Branch but, because of a good idea, the animals will be able to help humans.

“Right now we’re in the middle of a capital campaign to get a place of our own, so we’re renting a small office. So we’re raising some money, and we came up with the idea of a calendar,” explained Mary Koliba with Claws and Paws.

The concept. Tell the animals stories.

“Each month has a different story. There’s different cats, there’s different dogs, there’s adoption stories, nurse hospice stories, and there’s different tales on the struggles of rescue, but also the joy of rescue too,” said Nicole.

Like Little Red Riding Hood.

“Little Red Riding Hood was a rescue. She was with six other Chihuahuas and Connie, a 15-year-old Blue Heeler, and they were all in pretty bad condition. They were covered in fleas and we ended up removing them all and place them in foster care with Claws and Paws and, luckily off, I found homes, except one,” explained Jessica Guoan with the Iosco County Humane Society

That one was Little Red. Jessica ended up adopting her.  It’s just not dogs in the calendar.

“We do, we have kitty March, we love our cats and we certainly don’t want people to think all we do is dogs. We also do cats,” said Mary.

Each month a different animal and different story, and you can even have your own special day.

“And if you contact Claws and Paws previously, you can pick a specific date and also donate $20 and pay for your spot on the calendar. You would be able to pick your day and put your picture of your animal or your loved one,” explained Jessica.

Claws and Paws is in a 400 square foot building. They need to move.

“We are hoping to move into a bigger place soon. We need places for meet-and-greets where we do adoptions. It’s kind of hard to do an 8 by 10 little tiny room full of people and other animals,” explained Kari Taylor.

The calendars are only $20 and will be ready on Black Friday.

“It’s great! It’s so heartwarming to do and I love to foster, love rescued me,” said Kari.

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