Lifelong Friends Celebrate 70th Thanksgiving Together at the Age of 90

Thanksgiving is a time to eat a little too much turkey, to watch some football, but most importantly spend time with the ones you love. For Reva Kristin and Ida McDougal, this holiday can’t come soon enough. They have celebrated the last 70 Thanksgivings together with their families and they both turned 90 this past summer. So why are they still spending each Thanksgiving together? “Because we got it started and we can’t stop,” explains Reva Kristin.

They became friends back when they were attending Central Michigan Normal College (now known as Central Michigan University) getting their degrees in education.

These friends turned family can count on bringing everyone together under one roof to celebrate friendship on turkey day. “Like anytime that we see each other it’s like we’ve just been together all the time. We can be separated for several months and not see each other but when we get together we feel good,” explains Kristin.

So when you’re sitting around the table tomorrow eating your Thanksgiving meal, make sure you give thanks to those around you. “This is what it’s about. This is what life’s about,” explains Natalie Hebden, Kristin’s daughter.

“We feel that’s where we belong. We belong together on thanksgiving day!”

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