Reed City Area Public Schools Superintendent Resigns

“I’m not really sure how that happened but obviously something is going on,” said Debbie Todd, whose son used to go to Reed City Area Public Schools.

Tuesday night, the Reed City Area Public Schools Board of Education accepted the resignation for their superintendent.

Myra Munroe has been the superintendent since July 2017.

Now her resignation goes into effect starting Nov. 30.

The board voted to recommend Dean McGuire as the interim superintendent.

McGuire was the former middle school principal before he resigned from that position after the last board meeting.

One former parent says in the past two years, the district has lost around 30 employees.

Parents applauded the board’s decision but still don’t know exactly what led to this.

“I don’t think anybody really knows the answers. I think there’s a lot of speculation. I’m hoping because schools are supposed to be transparent, that the board will have some sort of a statement that they will deliver to the community,” said Todd.

The board president denied a comment on the situation.