GTPulse: Beat Cabin Fever and Make Friends this Winter at Meet TC

Don't get stuck in an work-home-sleep rut this winter. Break up your routine with this fun, weekly after work event.

Things here have slowed down like everyone told me they would. When I got here in the summer I could barely breathe, let alone park downtown and now I am starting to see a pattern in the faces I see while I’m out and about. Everything feels a little smaller, a little cozier and a lot more familiar. The structure of my days here have changed, too. During the summer, my nights stretched into early mornings and I felt like there was an endless list of things to do and places to be. The colder weather has shifted my schedule into one with dark, early mornings and early, navy blue evenings. The shorter days and longer nights have made me quick to get home earlier and not eager to leave again once I’m there. Although I’m sleeping earlier and waking up earlier, I’m planning on filing my winter calendar with fun things to do to get out of the house.

I find myself at Brew around twice a week. Co-workers like it and several of my story interviewees like it. There’s always somewhere to sit and if it’s too late in the day to caffeinate you can have a real drink, and vice versa. Genius. I distinctly remember meeting a friend of mine on her birthday at Brew. She had the day off from work and planned on celebrating early, I had just woke up and did not have the day off. We met for drinks at noon. I had black coffee, she had a martini.

Brew prides itself on giving customers options to work or relax and hopes to combine a little bit of both with their new weekly event, Meet TC. It’s meant to be a fun, networking based event that encourages people to get out and socialize before going home after work.

“We were trying to come up with event for the winter. It slows way down and we all need excuses to get out of the house more. It came from an idea for essentially, speed dating…but not dating. Meeting people for friendship and networking and harmless fun,” said team leader Heather Flechsig.

Meet TC was created from the concept of speed meeting paired with fun activities. Each week Brew is going to have a different activity going on during the event. Brew is going to partner with different local businesses in town to provide a variety of activities.

“We wanted to do something that was a little more out of the box than a trivia night or typical things you would find in bars around town. We grouped together some ideas of things we like to do without getting too stuck in a specific activity.”

Some planned Meet TC nights include partnering with Higher Grounds for a paint-your-own mug night, ornament decoration with Handz on Art, a lot of making stuff.”

There will be a lot of hands on, creative activities but there will also be activities based around food. They’re looking forward to doing pairings with baked goods and cheese.

“We talked about doing a beer and cheese pairing with the Cheese Lady. We do baked goods from Old Mission and 9 Bean, we were talking about doing a coffee pairing with Higher Grounds and baked goods to pair with them.”

Meet TC is every Tuesday at Brew in Traverse City and starts at 6 p.m. Making new friends isn’t easy. The older we get, the more difficult it becomes I’m finding. Meet TC’s ultimate goal is to connect people with each other in a fun way. 

“We’ve always focused on being a safe and inclusive place. Customers feel comfortable here, our employees feel comfortable here, why not bring more people to a place that they can hangout outside of their house?”

With all the fun things to do in Traverse City this winter, there’s no reason to get cabin fever.

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