High School Students Learn More About the Medical Field Through Central Michigan University Program

“Take as many opportunities as we can to get where we want to be,” said Haylee Mock, a sophomore at Meridian Early College High School.

Nearly 30 local high school students had the opportunity to learn about the medical field alongside some Central Michigan University students.

CMU partnered up with the Mid-Central Area Health Education Center and the College of Medicine for the Health Careers Pipeline Program.

This program gives young students hands -on experience in the medical field.

“I think that helping people gives you more of a purpose,” said Mock.

From a young age, Mock has always known she wanted to go into the medical field.

“Ever since I was a kid, I was interested in medical careers because I spent most my time in hospitals. I was a very sick child,” said Mock.

Now as a high school sophomore, she is interested in EMS and has already learned quite a bit through the Health Careers Pipeline Program.

“You find your little interests. I found out that the neurology lab here is an amazing experience. It really sparked my interest and I never knew that before,” said Mock.

Mock says while she’s young, it’s important to get a head start on her career now.

“You’re able to grow right now and learn what you need to and build on that as you go,” said Mock.

Now she’ll always have her CMU student mentor to rely on.

“I didn’t have someone when I was getting through college to ask questions too so I want to be that person for her when she’s struggling through the college life,” said Alison Camero, a student mentor and pre-medical student at CMU.

High school freshman Kristofer Wetherell says this program has solidified his passion to become an orthodontist.

“A lot of people when they go to the dentist or the doctors, they’re scared of the doctors and they hate all the tools. I’ve always kind of had an interest in that. Especially when I go to the dentist, I always like to know what they’re doing,” said Wetherell.

Students say their lessons went behind the medical field.

“Taking a trip through this program, you learn so much more about yourself that you never knew before,” said Mock.