Cherry Capital Airport Readies for Thanksgiving Travelers

In Traverse City, summer is the busiest air travel season. But Thanksgiving will see a big bump in air traffic as well.

At Cherry Capital Airport, the boost in travelers typically starts on Tuesday, then hits its peak on Wednesday afternoon, and continues through Thursday morning.

Airport Director Kevin Klein says you should expect longer lines for check-in and security screenings, and arrive 90 minutes before your scheduled departure. And he says plan ahead for what you want to take with you.  “This time of year people like to bring gifts. Do not wrap them, in case they need to be looked at security. Whether you’re bringing food items, gifts, anything, plan extra time here at the airport.”

And the airport is expected to get busy again on Friday, with crowds expected through the weekend. Don’t forget to check with your airline or the TSA about what you can bring through security and what should be kept in your checked luggage.