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Student Magician Attending Central Michigan University

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As you can imagine, there is plenty of studying that goes on at Central Michigan University, especially for senior Evan Priem. But he’s not only studying for his degree in psychology… He is also studying the world of magic. 

“I spend a pretty good chunk of my day every day practicing it, researching it– looking up other magicians,” explains Priem.

Evan is known as “Magic Man” around campus. That’s because he’s been a magician since middle school. Priem says, “When I first started I learned that I take myself way too seriously. And I guess through the failures of magic I learned that it’s a lesson and all you have to do is remember it and work on it for the next time.”

Today, you can find Evan practicing on his friends and fellow peers. His friend John Avila says, “He’s a very charismatic person. You can kind of tell like especially when he does magic tricks and stuff.”

But don’t let the effortlessness of his tricks fool you. That is simply an illusion. Priem says, “that trick takes me 6 months to get it down to where I have now and that’s practicing about a half an hour a day.”

Through it all, Evan is revealing being a true magician requires dedication.

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