Michigan State Police Tips to Avoid Thieves This Holiday Travel Season

Thanksgiving is a week away but thieves won’t be taking a holiday.

That’s why it’s important to know how to take care of your home even while you’re away.

“It’s a crime of opportunity a lot of times,” said Lt. Derrick Carroll, Michigan State Police.

No one wants to come home from a family Thanksgiving to find their home broken into.

One of the best ways to avoid it is to make it look like you never left.

“You want to make it look as if somebody is home, or somebody is at least checking up on the property,” Lt. Carroll said.

Michigan State Police suggest putting a light on a timer, keeping shades closed and having someone keep an eye on things.

“One of the best deterrents is a good neighbor, if you have a trusted neighbor or friend who can stop by and check on your residence, that’s great, but also let your other neighbors know who is checking up and what they’ll be driving,” Lt. Carroll said.

And if you aren’t traveling he says it’s your job to be a good neighbor.

“Nothing beats being a good neighbor,” Lt. Carroll said. “If you know your neighbors are gone, and you see something suspicious, it doesn’t hurt to call, you’re not being nosey, if you see something say something.”

You can also contact your closest State Police post and they will periodically drive by to check in on things.

“Let them know that they’re going to be gone, their address, good contact information, we’ll put it in our database and the troopers out on patrol will periodically check those residence,” Lt. Carroll said.

Lt. Carroll also suggests motion activated lights outside your home and home surveillance systems to keep your home safe.