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Wellness Wednesday: Snow Shoveling and Winter Walking Safety

The winter season is here and that means plenty of snow and ice will be hitting our driveways.

That’s why Michelle caught up with Damon Whitfield, PT to learn how you can stay safe while shoveling and walking this winter.

He recommends getting an ergonomic shovel to avoid bending your back too far while shoveling, using your legs and hips to push and lift the snow, and not over twisting your back while throwing the snow off of your shovel.

They also talked about how to walk carefully in parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks that may be icy this season. He says to walk like a penguin to keep your weight equally distributed as well as be able to catch yourself more effectively in case of a fall. Plus, when getting into your vehicle, he says to make sure you are leaning forward so that if a fall were to occur, you would fall into your car and have a better chance of catching yourself opposed to falling backward.

To learn more about how you can prevent show shoveling and winter walking accidents, to find Damon Whitfield, PT at Harbor Springs Therapy and Wellness.