Michigan Faces Crucial Census Season in 2020

Next year may be able to give Michigan a clearer focus on how we stand economically with the new census taken.

Starting in April, the state will begin counting every single person in Michigan but the impact goes well past just having an accurate head count.

“There’s a lot at stake for our state,” says Kerry Singh, executive director of the Michigan Census 2020, “This is an all-hands on deck moment.”

Michigan needs your help counting every person in the state. But for the first time ever, the census is taking the process to the internet.

“This is the first online census where you were going to be encouraged to go visit online to fill out your census form,” says Singh.

Michiganders can still comply by phone or paper form but any way they go, compliance is crucial. Not only for an accurate count but every single person is with about $3,000 in federal funding a year and Michigan should have just about 10 million people.

“There is approximately $30 billion and these are tax dollars that you’ve already paid,” says Singh.

Programs relying on this funding include Medicaid, police and fire, K-12 education, foster care and nutritional assistance among many others. A bad census count in Michigan can lead those dollars going elsewhere.

“On top of congressional seats,” says Singh, “This is how our federal government allocates federal government seats. This is Michigan‘s voice in Washington DC. The resources are going to another state if we do not do our job and count everyone.”

If Michiganders respond early and accurately, they are done and will be left alone.

“If you don’t want your dinner to be interrupted or your dog to bark when someone knocks on your door,” says Singh, “You should fill out your census form before the end of April.”

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