Little Traverse Conservancy Offers Preserves for Both Hunters, Hikers

The Little Traverse Conservancy has hundreds of nature preserves all over Northern Michigan open to both hunters and hikers, but when they’re sharing that space there are some important things they want you to keep in mind.

The conservancy has helped to protect 60,000 acres in Northern Michigan. More than 25,000 of those acres are open for hunting.

“The peace and quiet and I listen to the birds, animals, whatever… just think about anything,” says avid hunter Russell Benz.

Benz says the preserves are usually less hunted compared to state land. “Let’s say 300 acres of state land where there’s going to be 50/60 hunters in a mile radius of each other,” says Benz.

The conservancy also keeps the preserves open to those who don’t hunt.  “All year around, these places provide a respite to retreat to,” says Anne Fleming, director of communications for the Little Traverse Conservancy. “And that’s a big reason why hunters love to come out this time of year and hikers as well.”

However, the conservancy says whether you’re a hunter or hiker, it’s important to keep yourself safe: they encourage you to wear blaze orange and know when to go out into the woods.

Little Traverse Conservancy Volunteer Coordinator and hiker, Cacia Lesh says, “I always make sure that I don’t go early in the morning or just before dusk, that’s when hunters I believe are most active.”

Lesh says it’s important to respect everyone’s choice of how they enjoy the outdoors. “It’s really important that as hikers, hunters, dog walkers, skiers, we just have open minds to knowing that it’s healthy for all of us to be out here.”

An interactive map of all of the different kinds of preserves the little traverse conservancy offers can be found here.


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