New Lyfe Restorations Looking to Raise Money for New Workshop and Parts

“A bicycle to a kid is freedom. There’s a lot that goes into a bike with a little kid,” said Robert Burroughs, the founder of New Lyfe Restorations.

For New Lyfe Restorations, giving a child a bike they can ride goes behind recreation.

The man behind this non-profit builds custom mobility trikes for low income children with disabilities.

However now he needs the community’s help.

After having to move the workshop to a new location, New Lyfe Restorations is trying to raise money to fix it up and pay for more parts.

In order to raise funds, they are hosting a garage sale this weekend at the VFW Hall in Traverse City.

Their goal is to raise at least $5,000.

“I’ve been doing this a long time and giving bikes away to a lot of kids and the community’s just been supportive the whole way. More and more the more people that know about, they spread the word and it’s just growing,” said Burroughs.

This year for Christmas, New Lyfe Restorations plans to give out over 100 bikes for kids.