Iron Fish Distillery Releases Whiskies Dedicated to Arctic Grayling

Iron Fish Distillery in Thompsonville is releasing their first farm-distilled whiskies, dedicated to a unique cause.

They are dedicated to the Arctic Grayling research initiative.

Iron Fish hopes the whiskies draw attention to the effort to bring the fish back to Michigan.

They also created the Iron Fish Arctic Grayling Fund to help with that effort.

The distillery hopes this gets more people talking about the work being done to return the Grayling to Michigan.

“Great whiskies have a story and so we really wanted to have this whiskey as an opportunity for Michigan to have a conversation around the opportunity to bring back the Arctic Grayling,” said Richard Anderson, Family Partner at Iron Fish.

Michigan artist Dani Knoph donated her artwork for the bottles.

Iron Fish will also host an event next Sunday where you can learn more about the history of the Arctic Grayling in Michigan and efforts to reintroduce them.