Solar Powered Picnic Table at CMU, Symbol of Partnership with DTE Energy

Last spring, students at Central Michigan University worked with DTE Energy to measure solar technology.

Now, DTE is thanking those students for their innovative work with a gift for all students on campus to use. Sitting outside of the School of Engineering and Technology is a solar workstation built by a company called Enerfusion.

Manager of Renewable Energy Operations at DTE Ed Henderson says the table, “Provides a work space, or a place for kids, or faculty, or anybody to congregate. Can charge up your phones, plug in your laptop, or just sit and have a sandwich, there’s lights so you could use it at night to write a paper.”

In the spring, students in the School of Engineering and Technology at CMU developed a computer program designed to measure solar energy.

Kumar Yelamarthi, director for the school of engineering at CMU says, “This is a real time project, this is not a project that our faculty members just thought of here, we went to the industry because they are the ones who hire our graduates.”

Henderson says he’s excited to work with the students in the future, “They bring a lot of positive ideas… and they really are creative and very excited about renewable energy.”

A gift that is shining a light on the relationship between students and their future career.

“It is all of their hard work, the faculty are just people who guided them in the right path, but all of the hard work is done by the students and the DTE staff,” says Yelamarthi.

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