Impeachment Inquiry: Watch as Public Hearings Begin at 10 a.m.

Wednesday at 10 a.m. the public will hear for the first time from witnesses on the impact of President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president.

President Trump is accused of withholding military aid if Ukraine didn’t investigate business dealings Joe Biden and his son had in that country.

The public will be hearing testimony from an ambassador and national security official about those calls.

Congress will be deciding if the decisions made by the president were an abuse of power and enough to impeach.

We will be live streaming the hearings at 10 a.m. on our website here and we will have all the latest details for you on 9&10 News at noon.

If the democratically-controlled House of Representatives does find the evidence enough to impeach, it will be brought in front of the Republican controlled Senate for trial, where it’s expected the president will be acquitted.

It’s not clear how long all of this could take.

When the televised impeachment hearing begins, Republicans will be ready with their defense of the president. Congressional Republicans planned their strategy and held a mock hearing.

They even circulated an 18-page memo that outlines some talking points in defense of President Trump.

For starters, the memo says the call in question between President Trump and Ukraine’s President Zelinksy shows “no conditionality or evidence of pressure.”

However, the rough transcript released by the White House details a different narrative.

Republicans are also going on the offensive against key witness Bill Taylor who said he never spoke directly with President Trump.

Meanwhile some Democrats say the Republican defenses are just avoiding the facts.

Besides Bill Taylor, George Kent is also expected to testify. He’s a deputy assistant secretary for European and Asian Affairs at the State Department.