Village of Empire Gets Nearly 30 Inches of Snow

People in Leelanau County, especially Empire, dug their way out Tuesday with nearly 30 inches of snow.

“This is northern Michigan but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it this early,” said Dorothy Manning, who lives in Empire. “Just lots and lots of snow.”

Tuesday is Dorothy Manning’s 89th birthday.

She spent some of it shoveling her porch and yes she knows she probably shouldn’t be doing this at 89.

“Everyone says you don’t need to be shoveling,” said Manning. “I thought well I’ll clean it up by the front door and just help the snow plow man a little bit when he comes.”

Marie Scott has lived in Empire for over 40 years and says the snow is the reason people live here.

“This morning, looked out and thought ‘oh it’s beautiful. This is really great. I’m gonna get the snowshoes. Get out and enjoy it.’ And then I thought ‘oh how am I going to get out my front door’ because it was completely snowed shut,” explained Scott.

This year the snow just came a bit earlier than expected.

Especially for one woman who says this is her first winter here.

“I haven’t seen anything like this in quite some time,” said Ginger Langdon.

She says her dogs are loving all this snow and she’s thankful her neighbors are helping her out.

“It’s very charming. Everybody’s wonderful and I met so many people I just can’t keep up,” said Langdon.

The Leelanau County Road Commission is suggesting that people stay off the roads if they can as they continue to clear them.