Traverse City Fire Department Challenges Kids to Shovel Out Hydrants

All this snow brings more challenges for firefighters.

Tuesday the Traverse City Fire Department posted on Facebook, challenging kids to spend some of their snow day uncovering hydrants.

It doesn’t take long, but could save a life.

“If you have snow packed up to here we’re not going to be able to hook it up at all,” Traverse City firefighter and paramedic Jacob Steichen said.

Steichen says they need a constant supply of water from the hydrants in order to put out fires.

“What we ask everybody to do in their neighborhoods is to clear out the hydrant completely. 360 degrees. Three foot from the center of the hydrant out,” he said.

All the snow in Traverse City prompted Steichen to post on Facebook.

“We don’t have the extra manpower the extra time to dig out hydrants. Take the extra three to four minutes. That’s time we could be saving a life or property,” Steichen said.

And Liam Given accepted the challenge.

“He was really up for it he said that they were wanting 10 to 18 year olds doing it and he was like ‘oh no I’m a big boy I can do it,’” Alyssa Given said.

“I think about it because it’s good for our firefighters if we ever have a fire,” Liam said.

Steichen applauds Liam and every child that dug out a hydrant.

“I’m a father of three and I’m a big believer in making kids work so I think kids have a lot of energy too so if we can give them a good objective and something they can feel proud,” Steichen said.

And Liam’s shoveling days are not over.

“I was kind of thinking about like we going around Michigan helping out digging out other neighbors ones,” Liam said.