Rep. Larry Inman Back in Court for Pre-Trial

State Representative Larry Inman is back in court for the final time before his federal bribery trial begins next month.

Inman was indicted in May for attempted bribery, extortion and lying to the FBI over conversations he had with a carpenters union and his vote on the prevailing wage.

He has since lost his place in the Republican caucus, removed from his committees and his office in Lansing closed.

He returned to session after Labor Day.

Inman will have his final pre-trial conference Tuesday in Grand Rapids.

Over the span of this investigation, Inman and his lawyer have tried to have the case dismissed based on First Amendment rights, but the federal judge threw that out.

They have also claimed Inman’s opioid addiction from previous back surgery pain has clouded his judgement and played a role in the alleged crimes.

Inman has since completed treatment for the addiction and returned to work in a limited capacity in Lansing.

There are ongoing efforts to have him resign or removed from office, but with his term ending in less than a year now, the timeline is getting crunched for that to happen.

Tuesday’s pre-trial conference is a final chance for arguments, guidelines and understandings before trial, but is also a time where you may see a plea deal or settlement reached.