Rep. Inman Holds Final Hearing Before Attempted Bribery Trial

The next step for State Representative Larry Inman is a federal trial as he had his final pre trial hearing Tuesday.

The Traverse City-based Representative was inducted for attempted bribery, attempted extortion and lying to the FBI last summer.

The charges stem around conversations he had with a carpenters union over a vote on the prevailing wage law.

Early on in the process Representative Inman’s attorney, Chris Cooke, tried to have the case dismissed based on the fact that these “attempted bribes” are just campaign donations with an expectation of a return favor and that’s just how campaign donations work.

But there’s always been the term “quid pro quo” that kept popping up, was there an expectation of doing something in return for the money that was donated?

Since then, the federal judge has thrown out the ability to dismiss the case so they are going forward with the defense that Representative Inman has diminished mental capacity due to opioid addiction he established from back surgery earlier before.

They argue he wasn’t in the right state of mind to be knowingly breaking the law when he sent the text messages with the carpenter’s union. In Tuesday’s pre-trial conference they established that as their main defense and things got a bit contentious between Cooke and the judge as they are hammering out some of the details that they expect to go forward in December

Now the case moves to trial and it is set to begin at 8:30 on December 3 and is expected to go through the rest of that first week and into the second week.

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