National Apprenticeship Week Teaches Students About Different Career Opportunities

Students in Boyne City got the chance to learn about career opportunities through apprenticeships Tuesday.

It’s part of National Apprenticeship Week, working to educate young people on the different opportunities for their futures.

“Some of the stuff was, like I never even heard of it before, didn’t know there was options for jobs like that,” said one student in attendance.

That’s really the goal of Northwest Michigan Works’ presentation, to teach students about the other options available outside of college.

“Now we know that college isn’t for everybody, and if it’s not for you than get into an apprenticeship program that’s probably the best option,” said Devon Hayden, a Boyne City High School Senior.

While college is his plan, Hayden sees the value in apprenticeships.

“The kids that want to do this kind of stuff don’t necessarily have to go to college to do it, they can get on the job training and basically get their education paid for,” Hayden said,

That’s why employer and carpenter Jason Reed feels it’s important to talk directly to students.

“To make them aware of this option that is there to earn money and learn a trade, or career that they will hopefully love, stick with, and enjoy,” Reed said. “We like to call our program the other 4 year education, the 4 year education you get paid to learn.”

While Tuesday was focused on young people, really anyone can become an apprentice…

“Apprentices can be as old as 90 if someone wanted to start a new career, maybe they already have a degree and they wanted a new career path so they move into an apprenticeship where they have a passion and that’s really what it’s all about, having a passion for your work,” said Evelyn Szpliet of Northwest Michigan Works.