Community Raises $8K For Otsego Co. Fire Captain Battling Stage 4 Cancer

“People just came in and flooded the place.”

A huge outpouring of support for a Northern Michigan firefighter…

Captain Brett Jensen at the Otsego County Fire Department has served his community for more than 30 years, and Saturday night his neighbors came out to serve him.

This September -Captain Jensen got a horrible diagnosis; stage four esophageal cancer.

Now his fire department is rallying around him in his time of need.

Brett Jensen has been fighting fires for more than 30 years.

“You know you’re with someone for 30 years, you get to know them pretty well,” Otsego County Fire Department Chief David Duffield said.

But this fall he started fighting a new battle; cancer.

“Both of his liver and both lungs and the lympnoids. He is taking chemo and he will be taking radiation. Once he gets through all that he’s going to go for surgeries,” Chief Duffield said.

The fire department is like a brotherhood, and the news hit everyone hard.

“The whole department was quite in shock to hear that he had cancer,” firefighter Brian Haag said.

“We argue with eachother and we joke with eachother and when time comes we’re all together,” Duffield said.

Saturday night the department hosted a spaghetti dinner fundraiser in his honor, and the response was overwhelming.

“All the fire departments in this county and the ones in counties surrounding this were here also,” Haag said.

“We had people here from all over the state of Michigan. We had them from the U.P. clear down to Lansing area,” Duffield said.

They raised nearly $8,000 for Brett.

At the spaghetti dinner last night every member of the department signed a special new helmet for Captain Jensen. And now every helmet in the department also has a blue ribbon on it which represents esophageal cancer.

“This is one helmet that Brett has never had. He’s been a firefighter, he’s been a lieutenant, he’s been a captain and now he has his white safety officer helmet,” Duffield said.

Brian says he is excited for the day he’ll work with Captain Jensen again.

“We hope everything gets cured. He kicks cancers butt.  And he can come back and join us. It would be awesome to have that,” Haag said.

If you’d like to donate to Captain Jensen you can drop money or checks off at the Otsego County Fire Department, or mail them there.

PO BOX 954 Gaylord, Michigan 49734