Bullet Holes Found In Window of Benzie County Cabin Where Woman Was Last Seen

Newly released evidence in the search for a downstate woman is leaving investigators with more questions than answers.

The Benzie County Sheriff’s Office says they found multiple bullet holes in an Honor cabin where 47-year-old Adrienne Quintal was last seen.

Quintal, of Warren, was visiting her family cabin last month, when she called a friend in the middle of the night after hearing strange noises outside.

Around 2:30 in the morning, Quintal called a friend and asked her to call 911. She said there were two men outside the cabin shooting at her, and she had shot one of them in the face.

“It was terrifying. Terrifying. She must have been terrified in order to shoot,” said Jenny Bryson, Quintal’s sister. “She heard noises outside and whatever it was frightened her enough to make a phone call to a friend and that’s how everything started.”

Deputies found bullet holes in the front window and a stray hole on the ceiling.

Family says Quintal had a concealed pistol license. Her loved ones along with deputies believe Quintal was shooting something from the inside of the house. But investigators have not found any blood or evidence to suggest anyone was shot, or that gunshots were fired from the outside in.

“We’re very puzzled by this case. I’ve been doing this for 39 years and there’s just a lot of things going that this just doesn’t make sense,” said Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel.

Investigators did find her gun on the property, and located her phone and boots on the roof.

Bryson says her sister must have climbed out of a cabin window, walked onto the roof, and left her phone and cellphone there. Deputies found the window open when they arrived.

“The phone call that she made a call to a friend is the same phone that was found on the outside of the residence on top of the roof,” said Bryson.

The Sheriff’s Office planned to use cadaver dogs to search the woods nearby the family cabin, but it was too cold to do so on Saturday.

“If she ran out into the woods she wouldn’t have been able to survive in the woods. Especially not for this long,” said Bryson. “We just want to know if she’s okay.”

Sheriff Schendel says they have gotten numerous leads but no real answers.

“We’ve been following up on every lead every tip and it leads us down a path and we hit a dead end,” said Sheriff Schendel.

Quintal’s family is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that could help find her.

Adrienne is 47 years old and goes by Ada. She has long brown hair, brown eyes, is 5’7″ and weighs 125 pounds. If you have any information you are asked to call the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office at (231) 882-4484.