Prosecutor Talks Plea Deal in Otsego Co. Man Charged with Sex Crimes

Prosecutors reached a plea deal in what was one of the largest sex crimes cases in Otsego County.

Raymond Neeley Jr. pleaded no contest to just one fourth degree sex crime charge Thursday.

Last year the alleged victim took her own life.

Prosecutors say that is part of what led to this plea deal.

The prosecutor on the case tells us it was really about bringing closure to the victim’s family and providing protection for the community.

“The outpour of help that we got from the community and the tireless efforts of the state police took this case from something that was fairly hopeless to a case where we were able to get a just outcome and get some closure for the victim,” said Richard Treusch, Assistant Prosecutor, Otsego County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

Neeley is expected back in court in December for sentencing.