Impeachment Inquiry: Witness Says There is ‘A Campaign of Lies’ Against Yovanovitch

“A campaign of lies,” that’s’ what Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent calls an alleged smear campaign against former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

Kent testified that President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudi Giuliani initiated the campaign for Yovankovitch’s efforts against Trump.

Its’ all part of the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

The president is accused of withholding U.S. aid unless that country agreed to investigate his political rival Joe Biden and Biden’s son hunter.

Jennifer Williams testified, she’s a national security aide to Vice President Mike Pence.

Democrats say her testimony was more of the same from the administration.

Vice President Mike Pence says the president’s defense speaks for itself in the transcript of the Ukraine phone call.

The televised phase of the impeachment inquiry is expected to start this Wednesday.