Grand Traverse County Dispatch Stays Busy with Calls Due to Heavy Snow Fall

Grand Traverse County Central Dispatch stayed extremely busy Thursday night.

Heavy snow fall and low visibility made things quite dicey for drivers.

Some places had to deal with up to 16 inches of snow and it took its toll.

For perspective, on Nov. 7 2018 Grand Traverse County Central Dispatch had a night with 188 total calls.

This year, there were 429 total.

Eight calls were about crashes where someone was hurt.

There were 60 reports where something was damaged and more than 30 about traffic issues.

“This is a clear sign that winter weather has returned to northern Michigan,” said Deputy Director Leah Hornaceck

Hornaceck said that they were averaging an accident every seven minutes.

“The roads were solid ice. They couldn’t get traction, they couldn’t go up hills, and intersections were complicated. You don’t know what you’re going to get when the phone rings,” said Hornaceck

Ryan Stewart is one of the people who called last night.

“I knew the roads were slick. I thought they were a little wet,” said Stewart.

He was part of this three car pile-up near Chums Corner.

“It was like a hockey puck on ice. I tried to turn the wheel, and the wheel turned, I hit the brakes, and I just kept going straight,” said Stewart.

Ryan and the others were okay but the brand new car he bought just two days ago is not.

Out of all the crashes on Thursday night, only eight of the 100 caused injury.

Reports say that none of those injuries were very serious.