Boyne City Police Chief Retires

The Boyne City community is celebrating their police chief Friday as it’s Chief Jeff Gaither’s last day before he starts his retirement.

He has spent 39 years in law enforcement and 12 years in Boyne City, serving as chief for 7.

The community and his peers celebrated Chief Gaither at Boyne City Hall Friday.

He says some of his favorite parts of the job have been interacting with the Boyne City community.

While he is saying goodbye to the department, he says he isn’t leaving the community.

“It’s kind of bittersweet because it’s hard to leave a job that you really love, and I really love this job, but I’m looking forward to retirement,” Gaither said. “Thank you Boyne City for the experience, thank you for your all the support you’ve give us, I know for a fact you’re in good hands going forward.”

Current Assistant Chief Kevin Spate will take over command of the department.