Snowfall Has Ski Resorts & Shops Preparing for Ski Season

This snow does have its perks, especially if you are eager to hit the slopes.

“We continue to be like little kids when it comes to early snow so we love it,” said Ben Doornbos, General Manager of Nubs Nob in Harbor Springs. “Last night was our first night of snow making for the season, we got about a 12 hour run in.”

He says crews at Nubs Nob are now working 24/7 to make the most of the snow and cold temperatures.

“Most people think you can open a ski hill with 8-12 inches of natural snow,  what really does it is the man-made snow making and we really need about 3 feet of base to get a ski run open.” Doornbos said.

If these forecasts continue to stay in their favor, they could be on track for their second earliest opening in Nubs Nob history.

“We’re praying,” Doornbos said.

Nubs Nob isn’t the only place eager for the slopes to open.

“Now that the first of the flakes have hit, the phones ringing off the hook, people are beating down the door, they want to get their stuff ready so they are ready for opening day,” said Don Marszalec, Owner of Bahnof Ski Shop.

On the other side of Emmet County, the Bahnhof Ski Shop in Petoskey is busy getting gear ready for those eager winter sports lovers.

“There are going to be early mornings and late nights so we can get all of the service work and done and everybody taken care of,” Marszalec said.

And if everything goes just right, you could be hitting the slopes in a matter of days.

“I’m not ready to say it’s going to happen, here with only 12 hours of snowmaking under our belts, but the forecast is looking promising.” Doornbos said.