Mio Native Becomes Viral Star After Nursing School Surprise

A former Northern Michigan high school hoops star has made a name for himself at Grand Valley State University for basketball and now he’s gone viral for achieving his life dream.

Mio native Ben Lubitz is about to tip off his senior year with the Lakers but earlier this week his future was solidified as his coach surprised him with the news he got into nursing school.

Ben Lubitz loves basketball but it he starred for four years at Mio High School and that led him to four more years at GVSU for the Lakers but it wasn’t the hoops program that attracted him to Allendale in the first place.

It was the nursing program, one of the toughest in the country to get into.

“That was originally my plan, since probably sophomore year, and I never really expected the whole basketball thing to work out,” says Lubitz.

Monday afternoon Ben went to practice knowing he’d soon find out if he made it into nursing school. He didn’t know he would be a national viral star by his coach surprising him with the news.

“You can just tell by my face that I was really stunned,” says Lubitz, “I’ve had a lot of friends actually text me and ask me why am I so ugly with that face?”

“There’s just nothing that makes you feel better than to see your guys have success,” says GVSU men’s basketball coach Ricin’s Wesley, “Whether it’s on the court, in the classroom or later on in life.”

Ben says the work and pressure of getting into nursing school, matched what he dealt with as a Laker basketball player.

“I got denied four times,” says Lubitz, “I just kept having to do better and better.”

He will begin nursing school in January, while finishing his senior season. It’s a mashup of his two lifelong goals.

“There’s nothing about RN school that’s going to be easy,” says Lubitz, “I know that it’s going to take a lot of time and a lot of commitment but I think from everything I’ve had to go through, leading up to this, I’m more than ready to take on that challenge.”