Mecosta County Dogs Rescued from Burning Home

Three dogs are safe and happy with their owners. But earlier this week, the beloved pets were trapped in a burning house.

The McCarthy family learned Monday night that their home near Stanwood was on fire.

They thought that meant they lost their dogs, but a man on his way home from officiating a volleyball game made a heroic call.

It was just after 8:30 Monday night when Lisa McCarthy got a call that her house was on fire.

“When I was coming off the expressway, I was talking to my friend who called me to let me know. I just needed to know if I had my dogs.

As Lisa raced home, Kevin Holmberg was already working to get Daisey, Mia and Lexus out of the burning home. Kevin was returning home from officiating a volleyball game when he saw the flames.

“I just came up here and pounded, is anybody in there and all of a sudden three dogs heads just pop up and I’m like oh no and that’s when someone came up and said, sir you might want to get out of there the place could blow up on you. I’m like there’s dogs in here we’ve got to get these dogs out,” said Kevin.

Kevin eventually broke through this window with his bare hands, but the dogs, still wouldn’t come out. He and several others ended up breaking through a locked door in another attempt to reach the dogs.

“They kicked the door in and I crawled in there as far as I could it seemed like 20 feet but it could have been 3 feet it was just so smoky, and then I kind of scared the dogs around here,” explained Kevin.

That was enough to get the dogs to safety along with a puppy the McCarthy’s were looking after, and for at least one night it was man who became dogs best friend and rescuer.

“It’s so worth it just seeing these dogs running around the yard and the homeowners happy,” said Kevin.  “I can’t put it in words. The graciousness of him just to stop you know, I know a lot of people think dogs are dogs, but to us they’re not. They’re truly our family,” said Lisa.