Hunters Help to Fill Local Food Pantry in Lake County

This deer season, hunters have the opportunity to help stop hunger in their communities. Michigan sportsmen against hunger, a non-profit, is partnering up with meat processors around the state to help fill local food pantries.

The M-37 Meat Shack in Newaygo County is one of the many processors accepting deer from hunters. All that venison will go toward feeding people in the area.

“Last year we donated over twelve hundred pounds,” says John Matson, owner of the M-37 Meat Shack in Bitely.

Michigan deer hunters are helping to put food on the table for everyone.

“Many people are willing to give a pack or two,” says Matson. “Every pack counts, every pack is food for people who need food.”

The M-37 Meat Shack is just one of the participating processors. All of their donated venison goes to a local pantry in Lake County.

Lynne Mills, director for the Bread of Life Pantry in Baldwin, says, “A lot of our people are seniors, and they can’t do it anymore, so this is a great opportunity for them to receive some back because they may miss having it if they can’t procure it themselves.”

This year, the bread of life in Baldwin is hoping to bring in more than 2,000 pounds of venison.

“We try our best to procure say 320 packs of meat each week to feed 70 to 90 families that come through here, it’s a challenge on a budget,” says Mills.

Allowing the pantry to continue to put fresh, healthy food on the table for all. Chairperson to the Bread of Life Pantry, says, “It goes beyond words the thankfulness and the gratefulness that we have here. And it allows us to continue to serve our community, those who are in the most need.”

To find a participating processor near you, check out the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger’s list.

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