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MTM On The Road: Celebrating National Doughnut Day in Traverse City

Doughnuts come in a variety of flavors with different toppings and fillings! The sweet treat could be enjoyed at breakfast or for dessert!

Doughnut lovers across the country are celebrating 24 hours dedicated to enjoying donuts. It’s National Doughnut Day! Stop into in Traverse City, a family owned bakery that has been baking in the community since 1929.

There is still a way to participate in the national day even if you’re gluten free or have food sensitivities.

in Traverse City make doughnuts that are soy free, gluten free, vegan, and 100% delicious. Flavor options include chocolate glaze, lemon glaze, maple glaze, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, sugared pumpkin, maple-glazed pumpkin.

Wake up with Regan Blissett and Stephanie Adkins as they visit Potter’s Bakery (the video above) and Third Coast Bakery (the video below) to celebrate National Doughnut Day!