The Ronald McDonald House Red Couch is at The Heritage House Headquarters

The Ronald McDonald House is continuing their Red Couch Campaign right here at the Heritage House.

We are featuring a few special families who are helping raise awareness for this amazing organization.

Five families are sharing their stories throughout the week and you can check back right here to see a new one each day on ‘the four’!

The impact of the Ronald McDonald House in Grand Rapids can be felt across the state and this week we are sharing some of the most heart-felt local stories that will have you wondering what else does Ronald McDonald do for families?

From private rooms and meals in house to family activities and free Wi-Fi, they offer their services to anyone in need.

They typically house 35 to 45 guests at the house each night and families stay on average a total of 19 nights though they do have some families who stay for upwards of a year.

They opened their 19,000 square foot West Michigan facility in March of 1990. It is located on 5 acres with a park-like atmosphere with seventeen bedrooms with isolated baths. They also have common rooms that include large family-style kitchens with cooking areas, dining rooms, a fireplace, a sitting room, a sunroom, kids play areas, a laundry room, and a recreation room.

They accommodate nearly 300 families each year from counties throughout Michigan, other states, and even foreign countries although the majority of guests are from West Michigan.

To learn more about The Ronald McDonald House, click here.

Monday: Tressa & Jacob Hartley

Tuesday: Heidi Ricklefs

Wednesday: Tom & Kendra Elmer

Thursday: Erika & Ian Harrigan

Friday: Jilleanna Theobald


*Note: Videos will be posted throughout the week at the close of the show at 5:00 p.m.

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