5,000 Riders Tackle Muddy Trails at 30th Annual Iceman Cometh Challenge


“It’s likely the biggest most epic race that I’ve ever been a part of.”

Thirty miles for 30 years…

“I mean 5,000 racers, it’s pretty awesome,” Scott Walter, from Canton Michigan said.

Bikers from all over the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Germany took on the Iceman Cometh Challenge Saturday.

“It’s not ideal conditions but it makes Iceman what Iceman is and it’s kind of unique in that way,” says Steve Kunst, who lives in Grand Rapids.

Temperatures in the 30s kept the Iceman true to its name, but at the finish line, we learned riders tackled more than temps.

The top amateur finisher came through about 30 minutes slower this year than last year. All the mud on the athletes’ uniforms making it clear that this race was a rough one.

“I stayed upright so I was pretty happy,” Luke Hubbard, who lives in Middleton, Michigan said.

Not falling down; for many riders that in itself was an accomplishment.

Jeremy Daum says he saw several falls, but everyone he saw got up quickly.

“There were times when we we’re going through three, four inches of mud for miles and guys just have amazing bike handling skills to be able to handle these elements,” Daum said.

But that extra challenge made coming through the finish line that much sweeter.

“It was tough but being a racer we have to deal with all the elements and it makes you feel more gratification at the end,” Daum said.

“I’m going to try and find a warm shower,” Hubbard said.