Rapid City Business Donates Garage to Nonprofit Bike Builder who Lost Work Space

Rob Burroughs from New Lyfe restoration cannot stop smiling this week. The nonprofit bike builder has a weight off his shoulders.

A few weeks ago, he found out the donated garage space where he worked was sold and he needed to move out by November 1. For weeks, he desperately searched for a new spot.

This week, Torch Lake Boats and Body agreed to let Burroughs work out of their garage, for free.

Burroughs builds hundreds of custom bikes for disabled children and low income families, and needs space to continue his mission.

He does it all by refurbishing old bikes to make them new and useful again.

Burroughs says he’s thankful he’ll have a warm spot to build because he was prepared to continue his life’s passion out in the elements if he had to.

“There was no way I was not going to do it. There was no way! You know if I have to build bikes outside in the rain and the snow, so be it, not a big deal, I’ve done it before,” said Burroughs. “[The shop owner] donated the space and I am forever going to be grateful.”

New Lyfe restorations is preparing a huge Christmas Eve event, where they’ll give away nearly 100 bikes to children.

Rob relies on donations of bikes and funds. To donate a bike, text or call Rob at 231-384-2104.

To donate money, go to paypal.com/rburroughs2222