Hook & Hunting: Cadillac Carvers

A group of carvers in the Cadillac area have been meeting for the past several years to carve away and keep their art form alive.

They are known as the Cadillac Carvers.

They focus on carving what’s known as the Cadillac decoy.

It’s a special kind of fishing decoy used in spear fishing.

The group meets every Thursday night at the Carl T. Johnson Center in Cadillac and is open to anyone interested in carving.

“I wanted this to sort of carry on. This is not taught at colleges or universities. It’s passed on from in the family, from one family member to another or a neighbor and that’s how the carving on the passed on,” said Albert Nelson.

You can check out the work of the Cadillac Carvers and others from across the state at their show on December 7th.

It’s free to the public and runs from 9-4 at the Carl T. Johnson Center in Cadillac.

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