Wexford Co. Road Commission Ready for Winter; Reminds Drivers to Slow Down

“Bring it on, I’m ready, I’m ready for it.”

Soon Northern Michigan will be under a light blanket of snow.

Tracey Weatherholt came to Cadillac Wednesday to get her car ready.

“I got new all season tires on my new Jeep,” she said.

A Northern Michigan native, she says she’s more concerned about other drivers.

“I worry about other people, how they drive. I take it slow, start out slow,  until you get used to it,” Weatherholt said.

The Wexford County Road Commission manager says they will have around 13,000 tons of salt for the season. He says his team is ready.

“Our fleet’s ready, the sanders are on, we got a guy patrolling now, ready for the snow so if it starts snowing and we need to have people on the road, we’ll have them on the road,” Alan Cooper, road commission manager said.

He has some reminders he hopes drivers will keep in mind.

“The big thing on a first snow is to slow down. Watch how fast you’re going, watch out for other drivers, but the big thing is to slow down,” Cooper said.

He says in his 30 years clearing roads, he’s seen a lot of accidents.

“People are impatient and want to go fast and a lot of times they’ll go around you and go right off the road,” he said.

And he wants people to give road commission trucks plenty of room.

“When you’re following a truck you should stay at least 60 feet, 70 feet behind it,” he said.

“We need them to clear the roads, let’s let them do their job and stay out of their way,” says Steven Lipar, who lives in Harrietta.