Haunts of Northern Michigan: Sixth & Main in Evart

Sixth & Main in Evart is serving up more than just burgers, pizzas and ribs– it’s serving up plenty of history and haunts. Deborah Knowles, the owner of Sixth & Main says, “The building is probably one of the oldest buildings in town. It was built in 1883.”

The Michigan Area Paranormal Investigative Team (M.A.P.I.T.) met us at this charming eatery to highlight the haunted history of the building. Founder of M.A.P.I.T. Daniel Mackin shares, “It’s got a lot of activity reported by the people that work here and stay here.”

If only these walls could talk. It’s certain they would have plenty to say! Since 1883, this building has functioned as a boarding house, an inn, a surgeon’s office and is believed to be a popular Purple Gang Hangout. Beth Gilmer with M.A.P.I.T. says, “That’s exciting. It brings the town back to life for me. It gives me another view of what Evart is.”

The first stop takes this crew to the basement where they hope to find some concrete evidence. Daniel shares, “A lot of times if we do catch audio or a vocal coming through it comes through very whispery. A spirit doesn’t have vocal chords.”

But more than sounds, they say the energy in a space is often a dead giveaway of its past life. “I did get a cold draft and it was very warm down there so that got my attention pretty quickly that there was a cold down my spine,” says Beth.

Upstairs they believed there was more activity. Activity that made us jump… “As we left the room and went to another room there was a little clatter behind us- one of our DVR cameras had come loose and was on the floor when we went back to the room. Not chalking that up to paranormal but it was definitely interesting like someone got our attention to go back into the room,” explains Daniel.

M.A.P.I.T.’s goal isn’t to scare but to educate us mortals about what can come next. Beth says, “I want others to know that it’s real. I want them to know that there’s life after death and this isn’t just it. If we can prove that there’s something there on the other side that opens up a whole new world.”

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