Grand Traverse County Deputies Attend Crisis Intervention Training

Road patrol deputies from the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department took crisis intervention training on Wednesday to learn how to better handle mental health emergencies.

The goal of the program is to help law enforcement connect people with mental health resources. Crisis response starts with dispatch, who assesses what resources a caller might need. Then, it’s up to deputies to figure out if the person is a threat to themselves or others, and what further action needs to be taken.

They hope the program helps not only the community, but also keeps officers safe.

“It provides skills to our deputies on the road how to react and communicate with someone in a mental health crisis,” said Captain Chris Clakr. “Being able to communicate with the person, evaluate what’s going on, get them the right resources, and then also ensure there’s not a public threat that may be going on at that time.”

Grand Traverse County jail staff and corrections officers have also been through the training.