Checking Out the “Then & Now” Project in Traverse City

Knowing the history of where you live or even a place you’re visiting always makes you appreciate the area even more.

That’s why the Traverse City Arts Commission and various other city organizations have come together to celebrate Traverse City’s rich history.

The arts commission along with Traverse Area Historical Society and the Traverse Area District Library have launched the ‘Then & Now’ project through a series of plaques with photos of what once was next to ten current sites.

It’s become a year-round history lesson for locals and tourists to explore and learn from within downtown Traverse City.

The pictures were chosen from Traverse City’s historical archive at the Traverse Area District Library.

The ten locations were selected throughout the city including:


  • Park Place Hotel
  • Fire Station on Cass
  • Milliken Building
  • Beadle Building
  • Front Street Streetscape
  • Parade Streetscape
  • Hannah Lay Building
  • Original Straub Brothers Candy Factory
  • Final Straub Brothers Candy Factory
  • Union Street Bridge


To see more information about the ‘Then & Now’ project in downtown Traverse City you can check out the video posted above or click here.

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