Hook & Hunting: Michigan Grayling Fish

An extinct fish could make its way back into Michigan lakes and rivers.

The Michigan grayling went extinct by the 1930’s in Michigan.

There have been efforts to introduce Arctic grayling from Alaska into Michigan lakes and rivers.

Nicole Watson is a researcher from Michigan State University.

She will present her research and the efforts of the reintroduction this Saturday at the Carl T. Johnson Hunting & Fishing Center in Cadillac.

“There will be some positive effects on the economy for people looking to see grayling, maybe to fish for them. Hopefully in the future, but it’s just to get something back that we lost in over a century. They will be in some of the native streams that the grayling were in originally and of course they will be surveyed for the best possible match,” said Seasonal Interpreter, John Zakrajsek.

The project is expected to take four years.

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