Women in Traverse City Train to Be a Warrior Goddess

After Terri McDermott read the book, “Warrior Goddess Training” by HeatherAsh Amara, she knew she had to share its message; so she combined the reading with her passion for yoga.

“We as a society are so busy, running, going, doing check marking our goals off a sheet,” says McDermott.

Focus, dedication, passion and wisdom, those are just a few of the practices McDermott teaches women on how to harness their inner warrior goddess.

“Women often times put themselves last, we are nurturers, givers, take care of everybody, do everything all the time, so this is a lot about coming back to who we are.”

McDermott goes through the book “Warrior Goddess Training” with her students, followed by applying those skills through yoga and ending with meditation.

“Commit to yourself for the next five weeks at least, commit to you, because everything that we do from this point forward is a commitment.”

Antoinette Haddock, a former student of McDermott, says “Taking the lessons I’ve learned in the book and incorporating that with yoga, it all works together to unblock certain areas.”

The class has taught Haddock an important lesson she now applies in her everyday life, how to say no.

“I was doing, doing, doing for everybody else, my wheels were just spinning like crazy, but I wasn’t moving anywhere personally,” says Haddock.

Learning that everyone has the right to feel, to love, to speak, to know.

“Watching them grow, make life changes for the good,” says McDermott. “That feeling like I’ve got this… I can move forward now with some things in my tool box.”

To enroll in future class with McDermott, check out her Facebook event Warrior Goddess Training and her page Svastha & Peaceful Poses with Terri McDermott.

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