The Best Northern Michigan Cheese: Boss Mouse Cheese & Saltless Sea Creamery

Making sure locals know about the best produce and products in the area is what Taste the Local Difference is all about and this week we are talking about a fan-favorite food that will have you searching for two makers in northern Michigan.

Tricia Phelps walks us through their plan to get the word out about local companies who are making a big difference in their communities, and the two we talked about today are doing it one cheese block at a time.

We caught up with Sue Kurta from Boss Mouse Cheese and Dave Omar from Saltless Sea Creamery to talk all about what they are doing together.

Sue recently took Dave under her wing to teach him the ways of cheese making and she is just the person to do it as she is a staple in northern Michigan and has been making cheese since 2012 now.

Sue uses milk for MOOmers Farm Creamery to make cheese and a whole lot of cheese for the whole region from swiss and cheddar to an Italian variety called Mantasio.

Together, Dave and Sue are not competing against one another but coming together to make some of northern Michigan’s best and to show their love and dedication to the process.

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