Community Emergency Response Team Joins Police in Search for Missing Woman in Benzie Co.

Five days and still no sign of a missing 47 year old woman in Benzie County.

Crews have been searching for her since early Thursday morning.

She is from Warren but was at a family cabin in Honor.

Police say her boyfriend came up with her but he left on Tuesday.

Adrienne, who goes by Ada, has a family cabin in this area of Indian Hill Road in Honor.

The Benzie County Sheriff’s Office, Michigan State Police and the Community Emergency Response Team spent this past Saturday searching this area trying to track her down.

It was a difficult search.

At around 2:45 a.m. Thursday, she called a family friend downstate asking for help.

No one has seen or heard from her since.

“We have a very rather sophisticated computer program that helps us to actually figure out the highest probabilities of where someone might be located,” said Public Information Officer, Glenn Zaring.

The Benzie-Manistee Community Emergency Response Team joined police in their search efforts over the weekend.

“We were actually searching almost like the back swampy area from Little Platte Lake up into some very thick hunting woods along Indian Hill Road,” said Zaring.

But so far, no sign of Ada.

“We spent the entire day Saturday up until about 4:30 pm, actually going out doing sweeps of these areas,” said Zaring.

Police say when they arrived at Adrienne’s family cabin, there were concerning signs of foul play.

She left behind her car, cellphone, and purse.

Again, Adrienne is 47 years old with long brown hair and brown eyes.

She is five-foot-seven and weighs 125 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

Michigan State Police and the Benzie County Sheriff’s Office will be out with drone’s Tuesday morning searching the area again.